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Are you a home owner that is planning to sell,or if you simply want to renovate your home,JB International has two premium home renovation services that will save you time and money. Our kitchen cabinet restoration service and our garage makeover service have both been proven with many years of use.
The kitchen cabinet restoration service is for kitchen cabinets that are solid wood,and are dull,lifeless and showing their age with areas where the color is missing,and the finish is worn. The cabinetry is also extremely dirty, with areas of baked on grease, grime, dirt and other contaminants, plus their are scratches and gouges. The restoration service is perfect for people who like the layout of their kitchen,like having wood cabinetry, and do not want to do a major makeover,spending a considerable amount of money. If you plan on selliing your home, or simply want to restore your cabinetry, the restoration service will restore your kitchen cabinets back to their original look and luster in less than a day for a fraction the cost to do a makeover. The restoration service is a 4 step process that is done completely on site,and because there is very little down time you can use your kitchen that same evening. Another advantage of the restoration service, is the small amount of prep work that you (the customer) has to do. You do not need to remove anything from the interior of your cabinets. We only require that you clear off your countertop, remove items from on top of your fridge and stove,and remove dishes from the sink. We also ask that you remove any taped on items, nails and screws from your cabinetry. The restoration service is a 4 step process.
The first step of the restoration service is a deep chemical cleaning. The cleaning removes all contaminants from the wood's surface such as grime,dirt,cooking oil,splashed on food ,pen marks,and cigarette smoke. The cleaning process also adds nutrients to the wood. These nutrients help keep the wood lubricated preventing further damage,and the wood grain now starts to make its transformation. The second step requires the most time to complete,and is the most detailed. This is where we address problems such as scratches,gouges,missing color and worn finish. Scratches are removed,gouges are filled, and color is added to areas where it is required using our specially formulated stain and locked in with our special top coat. It is critical that the color blends in with the surrounding area. The third step is where we wipe on our special liquid protectorant. The protectorant adds a shell to the wood preventing it from further damage ,and enhances the richness of the wood grain,that was started during the first step. The fourth and final step is where we wipe on our special oil. Our oil was specifically developed for use with this service. The oil is what completes the restoration or transformation process. The oil brings out the shine,luster and the final enhancement of the woods richness.

Drying time for this service is about 24 hours, however some areas could take longer. It takes an average of 4-10 hours to complete a restoration depending on condition and size of kitchen. There are two very important things to remember about this service ,it will not restore the cabinets back to 100% or change color. By using this service you are doing your part to help save the environment by not replacing your cabinets but maintaining them instead...........
Does your garage floor look like your kitchen cabinets,dull,lifeless and have areas where there are stains such as oil, and grass,and are there scratches,gouges,and cracks in your floor. Is your garage full of junk. Now would be the perfect time to do a garage makeover.
You have 3 options available for your garage makeover service

option #1 is turning your garage floor into a stunning masterpiece that has a lifetime warranty,and is extremely easy to clean.

option #2 is the addition of our garage cabinets that have a lifetime warranty and will keep the garage well organized,and clutter free.

option #3 is the addition of our slatwall system that creates a place to hang your garden tools,regular tools and bicycles.
Our 4 step roll on flake system will transform you dull,lifeless,dreary,stained and cracked concrete floor into a stunning seamless masterpiece that will look like granite. It takes approximately 2 days to complete the flooring portion of the garage makeover service. It could take an additional day depending on the prep work required. Before the makeover is to begin we require you to clean out your garage,this could take you some time depending on how cluttered your garage is. First we prep the floor, large cracks and gouges are filled. any large built up areas due to excess drywall mud, concrete, or anything else is removed, this additional prep work could take an extra day. once the floor is prepped properly, we can begin the cleaning process, the cleaning is critical for the removal,of stains, and for proper adhesion for our special epoxy. After the cleaning is completed, we can apply our special epoxy,which is rolled on,and must be applied evenly. after the epoxy is applied and is left to sit for a short time, we apply our flake, the flake comes in 3 various sizes,and many different colors. After the flake is applied, heavily to the floor, we leave it to cure overnight. The next day we remove the excess flake, and apply our special clear top coat.
The flake comes in 1" 1/4" or 1/32" sizes and in many different colors.
Now you will love the look and the many benefits such as
.lifetime warranty
.hot tire resistant
.ultra low voc
.low odor option
.tough and durable
.elegant and easy to clean
.use outdoor or indoor
.compliments any decor
.non yellowing
.high mve resistance
Now that we have transformed your garage floor into a stunning masterpiece,now its time to organize your garage. Add our line of garage cabinets, and you will have a garage that will be uncluttered. Our garage cabinets were developed specifically for the garage, they are extremely strong, tough and durable. they come in 5 different colors,and the shelves are fully adjustable, allowing you to store various sizes of items. Plus they come with a lifetime warranty.
Now to complete the makeover, add some accessories such as our slatwall system,and overhead racking, These items will help you to store your garden tools, and other rarely used items. Now you can use the floor space for what it was meant for ,parking your car.
JB International is looking for used solid wood kitchen cabinets to be used for our training program.
Individuals looking for products to purchase visit our online store. dealer inquiries welcome for any of our products.
Are you looking for a new career path. JB International is taking applications
Do you own an older home.
Is your water pipe leaking in multiple places
Are you afraid that your home will flood when you're at work
Are you afraid to go on vacation
Are you being denied home insurance because of the materials used to pipe your home
Are you searching for someone who specializes in plumbing repipe
If you answered yes to any of the above ,now is the perfect time to replace your worn and leaking water pipe using the latest approved materials.

A plumbing repipe is the replacement of your existing water pipe, using the latest approved materials. Generally the new pipe is installed,adjacent to the old piping system,which means very little disruption to your household.
Once the new pipe has been installed,and connected to your plumbing fixtures,the old piping is removed. A typical repipe takes 2 to 4 days depending on the size of your home and how many plumbing fixtures you have.
JB International uses pex water pipe. This material is long lasting and does not wear. It installs very quick,which means little disruption to your household.
Do you have solid wood kitchen cabinets, if you do as an added bonus, we will restore your wood kitchen cabinets free of charge with every home repipe.................
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