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JB International Home Services Itd is a 21st century Canadian company that specializes in providing restoration/renovation services to home and business owners who want cost effective and sensible solutions for updating and improving their homes and businesses. Our online shopping site provides products developed for the north american market.
One day kitchen cabinet restoration service

Would you like to improve the look of your kitchen cabinets without replacing them or spending a great deal of money?
Are you looking for a new career path. JB International is looking for individuals who want to be part of a dedicated team that has one goal in mind to become successful. If you have what it takes then please submit your resume for the following job openings.

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JB International is looking for good used wood kitchen cabinets for our training program. If you are remodeling your kitchen and your old kitchen cabinets are made of wood let us remove them for you
We accept the following forms of payment
Attn business owners.
"free advertising"
place your company business card here. simply allow us to place a small countertop display (brochures) in your place of business,and we will place your business card on our web site.
As an added bonus we will offer your customers a 10% discount on our services. contact for further details
coming soon

.do you wish you had more slide out drawers in your kitchen ,well jb international will soon launch our kitchen cabinet slide out drawer system, soon you will be able to modify your current shelves to roll out drawers.
Our one day kitchen cabinet restoration service was developed by us over 20 years ago,and its purpose is to restore wood kitchen cabinets back to their original look and luster in less than a day for a fraction the cost of replacement. If you don't have the budget to replace your existing cabinetry,why not simply restore them, save thousands of dollars, help save the environment and your cabinets will look great.

.Are your cabinets made of wood?
.Do you only have a small budget to work with?
.Do you want to help save the environment?
.Are your cabinets dull,lifeless and have areas where the color is missing and the finish has worn off.?
.Do you plan on selling your home?

if you have answered yes to one or more of the above ,the one day kitchen cabinet restoration service is your most logical choice.
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Garage restoration service
Home owners now its time to take back your garage,and turn it into a stunning masterpiece that will be easy to clean and last a lifetime. Add our line of garage cabinets and accessories and your garage will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

.Comes with a lifetime warranty
.Hot tire resistant
.Best system on the market
.Ultra low voc
.Tough and durable
.Elegant and easy to clean
.Use indoor or outdoor
.Compliments any decor
.Non yellowing
.High mve resistance
"you won't find a better system"
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Commercial/industrial flooring
.Car repairshops
.Retail shops
.Car dealers
.Commercial kitchens
.Locker rooms
.Warehouse flooring
Business owners,JB International's high performance industrial floor coatings,provide more than a durable finish. They hold up to the harsh conditions that industrial floors are exposed to and they look great doing it. Our industrial floor coatings can also transform your work or retail space by providing a cleaner longer lasting, brighter,and better looking environment. In fact many of our customers have reported that their workers moral improved shortly after having the floor coating installed .
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JB International has been providing plumbing services for over 20 years. We specialize in.............................

.Plumbing repipe
.Fixture replacements
.New construction
If you are in need of a professional plumber, that will do the job properly,cost effective,and is trustworthy then JB International is your most logical choice.
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.Tired of working for someone else?
.Serious about starting a business?
.Want to create a better life?
.Want to be part of a growing business?

JB International has a business opportunity of a lifetime. We have franchises available for individuals who want to be part of a winning team.
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As the new intelligent transporter based on cutting-edge technology,Airwheel is designed as multi-purposes to facilitate people's daily life. The basic function,however,is commute,which makes Airwheel the most welcome and handy transporter among urban commuters who are used to spending exhausting hours commuting from home to bus stops or metro stations and then to work places. With Airwheel electric unicycle your commuting time will shrink by more than 50% and your mood will lighten up a lot. In addition to that,Airwheel is your best partner for shopping,workout,touring,and entertainment.
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