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kitchen cabinet restoration service
garage makeover service
plumbing services
Nestled between the mighty Fraser river and the majestic golden ears mountains. Pitt Meadows is a dynamic municipality.
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Welcome to JB International's home services web site. JB International is a 21st century
Canadian company located in Pitt Meadows B.C. Canada. Our mission is to provide cost
effective and sensible solutions to Home and Business owners who want to update,and improve the look of their homes and businesses.

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Are your kitchen cabinets made out of wood. Are they dull,lifeless and have areas where the color is missing and the finish has worn off. Are their scratches and gouges. Are your cabinets extremely dirty with areas of baked on grease, grime,dirt and other contaminants. Don't replace your cabinets restore them. Why spend a considerable amount of money on new cabinets when our restoration service will restore your existing cabinets back to their original look and luster in less than a day for a fraction the cost of replacement.

.Restore your kitchen cabinets and do your part in saving the environment.

Do you plan on selling or simply want to improve your existing kitchen cabinets without spending a lot of hard earned money.
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Does your garage floor look like your kitchen cabinets. Dull lifeless have areas with oil,grass and grease stains. are there multiple cracks and gouges. Is your garage an unorganized cluttered mess. Now is the prefect time to take back your garage,and turn it into a stunning masterpiece that will be easy to clean and well organized.

"Now is the time to take back your garage"

.Lifetime warranty
.Hot tire resistant
.Ultra low voc
.Tough and durable
.Elegant and easy to clean
.Use indoor or outdoor
.Compliments any decor
.Non yellowing
.High mve resistance

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JB International's plumbing service will replace your worn,leaking and outdated water pipe and fixtures. If you are searching for professional plumbers that are reliable,honest that only use approved materials. JB International is the logical choice.
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economical and quality products
Individuals who want to create a better life for themselves and their families,now have the opportunity to own a business that is proven,in demand and growing. JB International offers our home services as a business opportunity.

.No experience needed
.No ongoing royalty payments.
.No long term contracts
.Only cost is for (school) training program.
.Be your own boss
.No store front required
.You have complete control
.Operate full time or part time
.Work from home or office
.Not restricted to a territory
.We provide ongoing support
.Massive markets
.Unlimited potential
.High profits.
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Are you looking for a new career path. JB International is currently looking for individuals who want to be part of a winning team.

.Sales people
.Office manager
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JB International is looking for used wood kitchen cabinets for our training program. if you are renovating and need your old wood cabinets removed please contact us and we would be happy to remove for you.
'We dare you to find a better business opportunity"
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